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This is the home for QHacc--The Q Home Accountant.

January 20
QHacc 4.3 is out now. The big news for this release is the addition of GPG encryption on disk, plus the ability to schedule loan payments. Both of these were features of the old 3.X versions, newly pressed into the new 4.X tree. There are also a number of bug fixes, and an upgrade tool for maintaining your database. Have fun!

July 29
QHacc 4.2 is out now. Get it while it's fresh. For the most part, this is a bug-fix release, but I did add two "new" features that the old 3.X versions had: you can now add and edit transactions from the reconcile window; and you can change the date from the transaction window using the up/down arrows instead of having to tab to the field first. Enjoy.

January 23 (2013)
It's alive! Hey, what's six years (or so) between friends? Well, it's certainly hard to believe, but I have just released QHacc 4.0. As promised, it's based on Qt 4 (4.5 or thereabouts), and is a complete and total departure from the QHacc 3.X codebase.

I'm also in the process of updating these very pages to the newly upgraded Sourceforge site. Hopefully, I'll get to all the pages soon, so you can have confidence in what you read here. This just in, I've been elected Pope! Wow, I never expected such an honor. I didn't even know I was in the running. Anyway, it looks like "a month or two" turned into six years, so I'll try to be a little more punctual this time around.

For those sentimental code hoarders out there, I've moved the old website to here for posterity. Okay, maybe I'm the code hoarder, but anyway, there it is. It turned out it was very difficult to update the old files with the new information, so for the time being, I've simply moved them out of the way. I'll start populating this space with new information as soon as I come up with any.